Dish Soap Refill - No Waste

Dish Soap Refill - No Waste

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Our solid dish soap is handmade made with coconut oil and scented with lemon and orange essential oil. Citric acid is added to get your dishes sparkling. It's an effective, natural and environmentally friendly dish soap that we know you will love.

Refills will pop into the ramekin when empty.

Refill soap comes in three different flower shapes. They will be sent at random.

How to use: Wet sponge or dish scrubber and rub soap to create bubbles. (Repeat as needed to refresh the bubbles.) Wash items and rinse well. Allow the dish soap to dry out between uses.

Tip: Allow your soap bar & brush to dry between washes to extend its life.

Dish soap starter sets can be ordered that include ramekin and brush.

Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, citric acid, lemon and orange essential oils, and lemon zest.